What is EIP-1559?

EIP-1559 is a proposal designed to reduce Ethereum’s transaction fee issue which transformed into a proposal for transaction fees to be removed altogether, instead of rewarding miners.

A highly anticipated upgrade to Ethereum, which hurts one major part of the Ethereum community; us, the miners.

How will it impact the mining community?

Ethereum transactions are currently processed by miners with the ongoing transition towards Eth2.0 which will be Proof of Stake validators, replacing us.

Currently miners are rewarded when transactions are processed by their miners. With EIP-1559, the developers are looking to remove the fees earned by miners by simply removing it altogether, replacing it with a…

MultiSwap is a new instant cryptocurrency exchange that prizes crypto security and fast transactions. We strive to be the best coin converter for altcoin swaps by offering real-time market rates and fast transaction speeds.

Adjust difficulty to your mining needs

TheGrinPool now allows you to adjust difficulty. Increasing difficulty is good for miners who have a large amount of hash and want to reduce the bandwidth you use.

When you increase difficulty it means you send in fewer shares but they are worth more — a difficulty of 2 means miner sends half of the shares but each share is worth more.

See below for config examples:

(BMINER) Default Config:
./bminer -uri $SCHEME://$USERNAME:$PWD@$POOL -api

(BMINER) Config with difficulty set to 20:
./bminer -uri $SCHEME://$USERNAME:$PWD@$POOL -api

(GMINER) Default Config:
./miner — algo $SCHEME — server $POOL — port…

PoolWatch profitability comparisons made us curious on actual earnings per pool. From what PoolWatch shows; Sparkpool is most profitable at 105%, Grinmint 10% less than Sparkpool at 95% and F2pool being 89% least profitable of the 3 in the chart.

We wanted to do our own test including TheGrinPool while using PoolWatch as our reference point for results. Our machines are setup with identical hardware, location and using the pool’s North American stratums.

System Configuration

  • 12x NVIDIA P106 GPU
  • AsRock BTC+ H110 Motherboard
  • 4GB Ram
  • Intel Celeron G3930
  • Bminer 15.7.6

We have collected data over the last week, comparing TheGrinPool to the…

Our miners wanted it, so we listened. GRIN-C31 mining pool will be available on TheGrinPool very soon!


The Grin Pool is operated and maintained by Blockchain mining experts. Our mission is to enhance the mining experience with key features including:

  • 0% Pool Fees
  • BTC/ETH Auto-conversion payouts (Learn More)
  • Anonymous mining
  • Accurate monitoring for your miners, balance, and payouts
  • PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) Payout Scheme
  • Instant Payouts (Min 0.5 GRIN)
  • Fast stratum endpoints


Check out our other guides:

Thank you for mining with TheGrinPool!

Hive OS is an all-in-one monitoring and management tool for your mining rigs.

Ethashpool is a multipool that offers Auto-Conversion payouts in BTC & ETH. Mine to any of our supported pools: ETH, ETC, ETP or GRIN.


Setup HiveOS

There are hundreds of write-ups, tutorials out there on how-to setup HiveOS on miners. Here is one from Hiveon official medium, we found this easy to follow on the setup process. Read tutorial here.

Once you have set up HiveOS on your miner and it has connected to the HiveOS dashboard you are ready to select…

Simplemining is an easy to use Linux based Operating System for mining.

TheGrinPool is compatible with Simplemining OS (smos)

To use “smos” to mine with TheGrinPool, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. https://simplemining.net/account/rig-groups add new group, choose miner:
  2. Add one of the following groups you choose to use:

Bminer (NVIDIA):
-uri cuckaroo29://my%40email%2Ecom%2F$rigName:x@mine.thegrinpool.com:4747 -api

Gminer (NVIDIA):
--algo grin29 --server mine.thegrinpool.com --port 4747 --user my@email.com.$rigName --api 3333

GrinPro (AMD & NVIDIA)
mine.thegrinpool.com 4747 notls my@email.com.$rigName x

3. Once you have created the appropriate group, simply assign rigs to the new miner group.

Thank you for mining with TheGrinPool

Earn BTC/ETH while mining GRIN on GPU!

Mine GRIN and get payouts in BTC and/or ETH!

All you have to do is choose your payout coin and enter your Bitcoin or Ethereum address.

Why Auto-Conversion Payouts?

There are many reasons why TheGrinPool.com Auto-Conversion payouts are beneficial to miners, whether you are a miner:

  • who wants to collect BTC or ETH but GRIN is more profitable to mine
  • who needs more liquidity
  • who are looking for more profits on a monthly basis

By using our pool’s auto-conversion payout to BTC or ETH feature, miners save on transaction and exchange fees. Our conversions are made on the block level which means there are no…

This tutorial will show miners how to payout from TheGrinPool.com to Bittrex exchange for easy payouts and trading purpose.

We understand the frustration of finding out how to get payouts with no addresses or wallets. Here is a tutorial on how you can receive your payouts to Bittrex in order to trade or temporary storage.

Step 1: Send Payout Tx Email

Once you have logged into your account and are on your miner-stats page proceed to Step 1. Click “Send Payout Tx Email”

You will receive an email containing a file “tx_1.tx” (This file is what you will be using to upload to Bittrex)

Easy 2 Step Payouts

This guide will help you request Grin payouts on TheGrinPool in 2 simple steps. Once you have hit the minimum of 0.5 Grin in your pending balance, you may request a payout.

Before you request payout, you have to download the Grin Node. If you haven’t already, read our medium article How to run a Grin node.

Time to Get Paid!

Once you start mining to our pool, you will receive an email containing your password. Don’t lose it! (Remember to check junk mail)


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