Ethashpool is Against EIP-1559. We Need Your Help.

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What is EIP-1559?

A highly anticipated upgrade to Ethereum, which hurts one major part of the Ethereum community; us, the miners.

How will it impact the mining community?

Currently miners are rewarded when transactions are processed by their miners. With EIP-1559, the developers are looking to remove the fees earned by miners by simply removing it altogether, replacing it with a base transaction fee paid by the sender leaving miners with no rewards while doing the same amount of work.

Ethashpool does not support EIP-1559

We need your help!

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Large mining pools own greater than 51% of the ETH hashrate.

In order to overcome this, we will need the strong Ethereum mining community to help spread light on this situation. Don’t let your vote be waived, take action, stand against EIP-1559.

Please share this article with your fellow miners. #minersunite

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