Ethashpool is Against EIP-1559. We Need Your Help.

What is EIP-1559?

EIP-1559 is a proposal designed to reduce Ethereum’s transaction fee issue which transformed into a proposal for transaction fees to be removed altogether, instead of rewarding miners.

How will it impact the mining community?

Ethereum transactions are currently processed by miners with the ongoing transition towards Eth2.0 which will be Proof of Stake validators, replacing us.

Ethashpool does not support EIP-1559

We at Ethashpool and our miners do not feel it is right to support such an initiative that is seeking to take advantage of us miners by rewarding us much less for the same amount of work we have been dedicated in doing for years, by simply destroying the rewards.

We need your help!

The Ethereum foundation network is huge, but we know the Ethereum mining community is stronger! With big mining pools like Ethermine, F2Pool, Sparkpool, etc. controlling greater than 51% of the network, the Ethereum foundation can use their pull power and implement these with the big pools hashpower without the consent of us smaller miners, mining on smaller pools to support decentralization. If you are mining on their pool, you are giving them your vote, for free.

Large mining pools own greater than 51% of the ETH hashrate.

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