Grin Mining Auto-Conversion 2019

1 min readApr 2, 2019

Earn BTC/ETH while mining GRIN on GPU!

Mine GRIN and get payouts in BTC and/or ETH!

All you have to do is choose your payout coin and enter your Bitcoin or Ethereum address.

Why Auto-Conversion Payouts?

There are many reasons why Auto-Conversion payouts are beneficial to miners, whether you are a miner:

  • who wants to collect BTC or ETH but GRIN is more profitable to mine
  • who needs more liquidity
  • who are looking for more profits on a monthly basis

By using our pool’s auto-conversion payout to BTC or ETH feature, miners save on transaction and exchange fees. Our conversions are made on the block level which means there are no other fees involved with the payout, saving you the transaction fees and exchange fees by doing the conversion yourself.

Try our Auto-Conversion today:
How to request GRIN payouts: click here
Is your GPU compatible with GRIN: read here
Mining ETHASH? We have a pool for that: learn more

⚒ Happy Mining! ⚒




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