Grin Mining Pool Comparison

PoolWatch profitability comparisons made us curious on actual earnings per pool. From what PoolWatch shows; Sparkpool is most profitable at 105%, Grinmint 10% less than Sparkpool at 95% and F2pool being 89% least profitable of the 3 in the chart.

We wanted to do our own test including TheGrinPool while using PoolWatch as our reference point for results. Our machines are setup with identical hardware, location and using the pool’s North American stratums.

System Configuration

We have collected data over the last week, comparing TheGrinPool to the 3 top pools currently on PoolWatch. Here are our results over the last 7 days:

August 10–12 were grouped as one day. Overall, TheGrinPool was 5% more profitable than GrinMint.


Over one week of mining, comparing the 4 pools, the results were clear that luck plays a big factor for PPLNS pools on daily earnings. Overtime, it balances out and luck will be closer to 100% like the PPS pools.

TheGrinPool mined more than Grinmint (PPLNG) and Sparkpool (PPS) by 3–5%. F2Pool uses PPS and was consistently 5–8% more profitable than Sparkpool. Would love to know why Sparkpool pays less on PPS scheme than F2pool even when it is 2% less fees.

(Poolwatch reports that F2Pool was the most unprofitable throughout this week which was not the case. Sparkpool and Grinmint showed 10% profitability difference on Poolwatch, actuals were <2%)


PPS Pools vs PPLNS Pools

We are continuing this comparison to compare profitability and luck of each pool. If you have any suggestions for more details on the comparison please share!


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TheGrinPool has been lucky and earning more via PPLNS. If you would like to try TheGrinPool, start here.

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Innovative blockchain solutions — Leading design & development for emerging technologies