Grin Payout to Bittrex —

This tutorial will show miners how to payout from to Bittrex exchange for easy payouts and trading purpose.

3 min readFeb 21, 2019

We understand the frustration of finding out how to get payouts with no addresses or wallets. Here is a tutorial on how you can receive your payouts to Bittrex in order to trade or temporary storage.

Step 1: Send Payout Tx Email

Once you have logged into your account and are on your miner-stats page proceed to Step 1. Click “Send Payout Tx Email”

You will receive an email containing a file “tx_1.tx” (This file is what you will be using to upload to Bittrex)

Step 2: Go to Bittrex

Sign in/Sign up and go to the Wallets page and click on the deposit icon for GRIN.

A pop-up will appear, you will upload the transaction file to verify and sign the transaction. Click on generate response and download the file.

Download response file from Bittrex Exchange

Step 3: Upload Response File

Go back to to your miner stats page and upload the file

and that is it!

I received my GRIN almost immediately, took about 20–30 minutes for the pending to become available but fast nonetheless!

This is just one way to withdraw your GRIN from a pool to an exchange for trading. We do not recommend keeping your GRIN on exchanges for long periods of time.

For other payout methods see our articles:

If you are having trouble with payouts, please join our Telegram community group or email




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