Grin Payout to Bittrex —

This tutorial will show miners how to payout from to Bittrex exchange for easy payouts and trading purpose.

We understand the frustration of finding out how to get payouts with no addresses or wallets. Here is a tutorial on how you can receive your payouts to Bittrex in order to trade or temporary storage.

Step 1: Send Payout Tx Email

Once you have logged into your account and are on your miner-stats page proceed to Step 1. Click “Send Payout Tx Email”

You will receive an email containing a file “tx_1.tx” (This file is what you will be using to upload to Bittrex)

Step 2: Go to Bittrex

Sign in/Sign up and go to the Wallets page and click on the deposit icon for GRIN.

A pop-up will appear, you will upload the transaction file to verify and sign the transaction. Click on generate response and download the file.

Download response file from Bittrex Exchange

Step 3: Upload Response File

Go back to to your miner stats page and upload the file

and that is it!

I received my GRIN almost immediately, took about 20–30 minutes for the pending to become available but fast nonetheless!

This is just one way to withdraw your GRIN from a pool to an exchange for trading. We do not recommend keeping your GRIN on exchanges for long periods of time.

For other payout methods see our articles:

If you are having trouble with payouts, please join our Telegram community group or email

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