Mining GRIN with Simplemining OS (SMOS) —

Simplemining is an easy to use Linux based Operating System for mining.

TheGrinPool is compatible with Simplemining OS (smos)

To use “smos” to mine with TheGrinPool, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. add new group, choose miner:
  2. Add one of the following groups you choose to use:

Bminer (NVIDIA):
-uri cuckaroo29://my%40email%2Ecom%2F$ -api

Gminer (NVIDIA):
--algo grin29 --server --port 4747 --user$rigName --api 3333

GrinPro (AMD & NVIDIA) 4747 notls$rigName x

3. Once you have created the appropriate group, simply assign rigs to the new miner group.

Thank you for mining with TheGrinPool

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